False Positive Reports of Anti Virus Sofwares

Fake alerts

As I am a software developer, I have recently noticed some antivirus applications, reports false positive virus alert about my PC applications, even though I am sure they have not malicious code that all of them have been developed by me. According to reports of web scan in virustotal.com, a few security services reports them as malicious among 60 antivirus software.

You don’t figure out whether a file is really malicious if it doesn’t harm your PC, slow down it or you are not author of this file depending on every alerts of these securities

I don’t mean every notification of virus alert can be false. But these false positive reports damage well-intentioned software developers like me. They are misleading people as a result of competition among them. They should not display any virus alert if they are not sure. Maybe they believe more warnings are meant to more accuracy to detect malicious softwares to convince people their softwares are the best.

Antivirus software itself is being malicious in this way. Who will reimburse the developer’s loss, their work or valuable time?  I never planned to implement such codes into my projects

I don’t believe the accuracy of these notifications because of that.

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